Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Last night, was one of the hardest nights of being a mom.

Of course, it was hard for me as well. But the focus is on the role of helping my kids through this.

Big B left. Yep. It was the first after all. He had six weeks, notice, and he still does not have any place to go. Turns out—HE. DIDN’T. EVEN. LOOK.

About two weeks ago, he brought home apartment guides, apparently he just read them. No calls, no apartment visits. Nada.

So, after he left Little Miss cried. We finished laundry had cookies and sherbet for dinner and rented a movie. That seemed to help. They both fell asleep watching Mel figure out what women really want.

This morning, there was out typical rushing about, but no more stress than normal, so we’ll see how this afternoon/evening go.

I cannot even get the words out to explain some of the meanness or ways Big B has set up to flitter out of the kids lives. I, of course, pray this doesn’t happen but he is not putting out good vibes. He is mad Mr. Man told him, he doesn’t want him to come home unless he stops drinking.

I told him today via text, “when you decides he wants to find out what it will take for this family to work, let me know.” Apparently, he is still not ready to talk. It has been six weeks not once did he ask, why? Or how to stay. Seriously. I cannot believe the heartlessness of this man I not only married, but reproduced with.

Once, about 10 years ago or so, I asked him what would push him to shut me out of his life like he had so many friends/family. I guess I have my answer, since he is not even talking to me these days.

Que sera sera

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