Thursday, March 18, 2010

Common Stressors

Recently I mentioned stress so I thought I would let you in on some of my stressors.

Work--Lately, it seems that the only time people see me is to complain. Not only that a lot of the complaints really need to go to the folks above (or higher) than me. ***I work in a school as support staff--the real boss is the administrators***
When I refer the complainers, they just drop it, so I must be some type of sounding board which is fine but some days it gets really old--y'know?

Also, I have been asked to not have my kids at school after school. This really bites because A) It is a school-- a place for kids B) Lots of others have kids with them and they are not necessarily their own C) I am supposed to be the principal's right hand but I feel very picked on by this decision D) It is now a financial issue I did not have in the past.

The kids. The kids have not been listening as well since Big B left. It is very frustrating and every one has an opinion on my parenting or lack of. If I vent, I am advised, and sometimes I just want to let it out--y'know?

$$$ or lack thereof.

Vacation plans, and more unfortunately, I am out of time and gotta run.

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