Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching Up

It has been about 2 weeks since Big B moved out. So far, I am not able to get to the blogging as often as I wish I could. I really need to make a greater effort to record these days.

The first weekend, Little Miss was Little Miss Attitude. She is getting better, but she still has a lot of anger in there. Luckily, her friend and school counselor has had a few chats with her to giver her a new perspective. Mr. Man is finding his own dash of attitude these days.

I have to ask them repeatedly to do simple things. It has gotten so out of hand, I am sick of hearing myself speak. It is unbelievable.

Last night we discussed consequences. I am going to type up check lists, chore charts, and a list of consequences real quick before I head home.

Big B has seen the kids each Saturday for 4 hours each time. This past Saturday, he took Mr. Man to the liquor store to stock up on Vodka.

On Thursday evening, I received 2 disconnect notices. Big B said I made it up to get money from him, even though he didn’t pay the bills after telling me he did and he saw them, I made sure of that. Furthermore, I am still paying for the cell phones, where the kids can reach him, and he accuses me of this. Unreal.

In addition, work has been very stressful. Basically, life has been overwhelming from A-Z.

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